Clients and Industries | South Bay Law Firm
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Clients and Industries



Representation of Committee of Unsecured Creditors in connection with the Chapter 11 liquidation of what was, previously, the second-largest owner and operator of hair salons in the world.

International Insolvencies

Representation of (i) Dutch parties to distribution contracts in Chapter 11 film studio liquidation; (ii) British product liability insurers’ interests in asbestos-related Chapter 11 cases; and (iii) Malaysian litigation defendants’ interests in trans-border insolvency planning utilizing provisions of Chapter 15.

Construction / Public Works

Debtor representation in connection with a significant Northern California public works contractor.


Debtor representation in connection with Chapter 11 reorganizations of (i) a publicly-traded manufacturer of pre-fabricated fireplaces; and (ii) a privately-held, sole-source fuselage insulation manufacturer – each with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Mexico.

Sub-Prime Lending

Debtor representation in connection with Chapter 11 liquidation of a publicly-traded, sub-prime mortgage originator.

Internet / Web-Based Communications

Creditor representation of provider of hosting and other internet-related services in connection with five internet and telecommunications-related bankruptcies in various jurisdictions.


Creditor representation of media production company in connection with administrative claims in debtor’s Chapter 11 and 7 cases, as well as defense of trustee-initiated preference actions.

Tax-Driven Insolvencies

Debtor representation in (i) resisting post-confirmation collection efforts by a California taxing authority; and (ii) successful request for reduction of county tax liabilities in connection with sale of real property.

Garment Industry

Representation involving (i) defense of trustee-initiated avoidance litigation against affiliate of debtor; and (ii) sale of operating assets in Chapter 11 Debtor’s case.


Debtor representation in connection with Chapter 11 reorganization of intermodal transportation servicer.