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Mexican Insolvency and Restructuring Law – Landmark Articles

Mexican Insolvency and Restructuring Law – Landmark Articles

With the New Year, International Corporate Rescue has published a new Special Issue: “Mexican Insolvency and Restructing Law – Landmark Articles.”  Featuring collaborative work between Lic. Eduardo M. Martinez, Sr. Ernesto Ernesto A. Linares, and yours truly, the issue includes:

  • Cross-Border Bankruptcy Reform in NAFTA Jurisdictions: Has Seizing Control of Troubled, Closely-Held Corporations Gotten Easier?
  • Advance Planning for US-Mexican Cross-Border Reorganisations.
  • More, Better, Faster: Gauging the Effectiveness of Mexican Insolvency Reform.
  • Pre-packaged Reorganisations under Mexico’s Ley de Concurso Mercantiles:New Amendments Offer New Possibilities for Cross-Border Insolvencies.
  • Hold ’Em? Or Fold ’Em? Labour Claims, Secured Claims, Tax Liabilities and Their Potential Impact on the Outcome of Mexican Concurso Proceedings.
  • To order a copy, go to ChaseCambria Publishing, Ltd’s. website here.

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