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If specific problems can be isolated and action promptly taken, a business may be successfully reorganized as a stand-alone entity.  Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code likewise affords public entities the prospect of rehabilitation.

Successful reorganization depends on identifying:

  • Potentially profitable operations
  • Available financing
  • Organizational resources
  • Cost of achieving a turnaround

South Bay Law Firm’s unique combination of legal experience, strategic relationships, and very light administrative overhead offers clients informed, focused, and cost-effective analysis and action for a successful reorganization.

Michael Good
@southbaylawfirmAug 12
Michael Good
@southbaylawfirmAug 12
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Michael Good
@southbaylawfirmJul 28
June 2018 BK Filings Off 2.8% YOY; 9th Circuit on Successor Liability; Tax J'xn Under Section 105 - and more.