Bankruptcy And Insolvency News And Analysis – Week Ending December 13, 2019

Bankruptcy And Insolvency News And Analysis – Week Ending December 13, 2019

Trends and Legislative Developments

Why Do These States Have the Most Bankruptcies?

Uniform Voidable Transactions Act Signed Into Law

Bankruptcy filings fall a little in November 2019

If This Is a Great Economy, We’ll Take Some More of It

Thinking out loud about the new Small Business Chapter 11

Secured Claims

Financial Restructuring & Reorganization Advisory: “Waving” Farewell to Opposition of Stay Relief: Forbearance Agreements and Prepetition Waivers

Protecting Lenders and Noting Liens: Lessons Learned from a Recent Bankruptcy Case

UCC Requirements for Describing Collateral in Financing Statements – REDUX

Protection from tax liens: The crucial importance of timing when protecting assets from creditors

Unsecured Claims

Bankruptcy Court Finds Committee Member To Have Breached Her Fiduciary Duty To Unsecured Creditors

Claims to Dividends Originating From Stock Trust Subordinated Under Section 510(b) of the Bankruptcy Code

The Role of Self-Interest in Allowance of Substantial Contribution Claims in Bankruptcy

Avoidance and Recovery

First Impressions: 9th Circuit Rules that Notice of Proposed Substantive Consolidation Must Be Given to Creditors of Non-Debtor


Section 363 Does Not Apply to Chapter 11 Plan Sales


Corporate Restructuring under Relative and Absolute Priority Default Rules: A Comparative Assessment


Thomas Cook Bankruptcy Case Study – What Were The Warning Signs?

Cross-Border Restructuring Update

Chapter 15 Gap Period Relief Subject to Preliminary Injunction Standard but No Adversary Proceeding Required

10 Things To Know About Latest Amendments To Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code (IBC)


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