Bankruptcy And Insolvency News And Analysis – Week Ending February 07, 2020

Bankruptcy And Insolvency News And Analysis – Week Ending February 07, 2020

Trends and Legislative Developments

U.S. Courts: Bankruptcy Filings Increased Slightly in 2019

January Commercial Chapter 11 Filings Increase 72 Percent From Last Year, Total Commercial Filings Up 18 Percent

Commercial Chapter 11 Filings Jumped 72% in January Y/Y

Bubble Watch: Southern California bankruptcies rise for 1st time since 2010

CLIENT ALERT: Olshan’s 2020 Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Law

Three Recent Developments in Third Circuit Bankruptcy Law

Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Law, January 2020

Adviser: SBRA enhances bankruptcy protection for small businesses

Chapter 11’s New Subchapter V: What You Need to Know About the SBRA

Secured Claims

Cash Collateral: What Does It Take to Address the Risk That Once Cash Is Used It Is Just Gone?

Avoidance and Recovery

Fraudulent Transfer Claims Avoid State Sovereign Immunity, But Only If a Property Interest Exists Under State Law

Lender Primes Trustee in Seventh Circuit

The “Customer” Argument: An Expansion of the Section 546(e) Safe Harbor?

Executory Contracts

Deadline to File—Or to Rule? An Ambiguity at the Heart of Section 365(d)(4)


10 companies that bounced back after bankruptcy

A Strategy for Reorganizing Medium-Size Businesses With Too Much Debt For The Small Business Reorganization Act


United States: Commercial Bankruptcy Practice In The US Today: Chapters 11 And 15

US: How Foreign is Too Foreign?

The High Burden to Satisfy Standard of Chapter 15

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