Insolvency News and Analysis – June 20, 2014

Insolvency News and Analysis – June 20, 2014

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week of June 16 – 20, 2014:


Prevalence and Utility of Roadmap Decisions in Mega-Cases

No Confirmation Without Representation: New Test Is Proposed for Approval of a Debtor’s Proposed Slate of Post-Confirmation Officers and Directors

Bankruptcy Sales:

Bankruptcy Sale: No Stay Pending Appeal, Then No Appeal?

Secured Lending and Claims:

An L of a Mess: Perfecting Against LLP’s

Equity Begets Flexibility: Valuing a Secured Creditor’s Claim in Bankruptcy and Allocating Post-Petition Interest

Avoidance Actions:

Seventh Circuit Reads Bankruptcy Safe Harbor Broadly

Defending Preference and Claw-Back Actions in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Bellingham Decision

Executory Contracts and Intellectual Property:

Contract Remedies in the Face of Imminent Default – What Happens to State Law Adequate Assurance and Anticipatory Breach in Bankruptcy?

Eighth Circuit reconsiders trademark licenses in bankruptcy


Comity and drama: current trends in cross-border insolvencies

Jurisdiction and Bellingham Analysis:

Supreme Court’s decision in Bellingham leaves key Stern v Marshall questions unanswered

And Still More:

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